After the Hydra shutdown, several major players decided to take over the market at once. The first to announce the consolidation were representatives of OMG sites (it was created by representatives of the well-known XTC team, which owned large stores on Hydra) and Mega. However, their technical and human resources were insufficient to create a monopoly: the sites were constantly hanging, and the registration process on them often took hours.


Old domains were blocked so try to login from new addresses: solarise6muu4eaobpmunu4t7y3fam5hzmxxet3glwk363mtk42ptead.onion or solaris4ib7kzcyxjxind6rjumfg7hcwx5h6kfl7lpwxy7eftxsxkxad.onion or solarisjir5tbwwe7qqusoed73i2blepuzloy3qrolgjshryaqxgn7ad.onion

Solaris onion link

At this point, many analysts suggested that the darknet needed not a marketplace hegemon, but a laying site that performs the functions of a reference bureau: it could host individual stores that have created their own resources. So the Solaris platform appeared on the market, which simply integrated the stores that agreed to cooperate into its software shell.

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Solaris and Kraken platforms rebelled against the RuTor forum, which became both a PR tool and a side project of the OMG marketplace for HTS, and nothing concrete was known about the latter by the time the conflict began. The situation there, on RuTor, was clarified by one of the key former moderators of Hydra under the nickname Lucifer. He published a large message, hidden later by the forum administration, in which he announced his affiliation to the Kraken project.

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